Affordable Outdoor Fabrics | Why Docril Is A Better Bang For Your Buck Over Sunbrella

The Best Outdoor Fabric Brand: Why Docril Beats Out Sunbrella

If you've Googled best outdoor fabric brands to refurbish those worn, outdated cushions on your patio chances are you've come across Sunbrella. Due to its popularity, it seems like the obvious choice for any outdoor project that needs a tough fabric, but that isn't necessarily the case. While Sunbrella is a nice quality fabric, it doesn't offer many of the benefits that you can get by using Docril fabric.

So what is Docril?

affordable outdoor fabrics docril Carolyn Fabrics High Point North Carolina Docril is an acrylic canvas fabric that is water-resistant (or fully water-proof for marine applications) and fade resistant. It can be used for outdoor furniture, patio umbrellas, awnings, or even boat seat covers. Family-owned, Docril produces its fabrics in Spain, where the company is located. You're getting the tradition of quality and style Europe is renowned for at a better price than Sunbrella.


To make its outdoor fabrics, Docril uses 100% solution-dyed acrylic canvas giving it superior fade resistance and long life. The life expectancy is so long, in fact, that Docril offers a 10-year warranty on all of its fabrics, twice that of Sunbrella.


The color of your awning or cushions stays gorgeous and bright after years of use. By dying the fibers before weaving together the fabric an even color is achieved, without the cheap look of fabrics that have their pattern printed on top.


The solution dying process binds the pigment deep into the material's fibers, making a bond with the fabric's molecules that resists breaking even with age and weather, making it the best dying technique known.


To finish its product, Docril coats the fabric with a Teflon product (Teflon is the company that makes that white tape that is used to make plumbing joints leak-proof) that allows air flow through the weave while repelling water.


While the acrylic material for the fabric can't rot, keeping out water ensures you stay dry under your awning. It also protects the natural fibers often found inside of cushions, so they aren't exposed to moisture that can cause mildew and decay.

If Docril is cheaper it must not be as good!

Everyone knows you get what you pay for, but Docril is no bargain brand fabric sure to leave you disappointed. Strong enough for use as a boat cover, and pretty enough for a coffee visit in the garden, Docril packs a punch in a budget-friendly way. Starting at $19.25 per yard, you can cover four cushions with Docril for the same price as just three using Sunbrella.


Docril is a newer company and so offers better-priced products, even though their quality is excellent. Don't think that they're so new they are inexperienced, however. Now in the sixth generation of textile experts, there's a lot of know-how running the show at Docril. You're getting a product with 145 years of experience poured into its creation. For affordable outdoor fabrics, there's really not a better option.


Docril is a tough and affordable marine fabric

affordable outdoor fabrics docril Carolyn Fabrics High Point North CarolinaWhen you need a fabric that is fully waterproof Docril offers its marine line of fabrics available on 60" wide bolts. Its regular line of fabric, which is water repellent, still allows air to flow through. This is great for umbrellas or awnings that need breathability, but for boat covers or

awnings on boats, something more solid is needed. With excellent mildew resistance and totally waterproof, Docril's marine fabric provides that extra oomph.


Using the same dying process as its regular products, the fabric will maintain good color quality. Even when battered with constant moisture and full sun conditions that occur naturally when around bodies of water, you'll have a beautiful product for many years.


Toe to toe: Docril vs Sunbrella

Knowing that Docril is a great quality product that will stand the test of time, it's time to stack it against Sunbrella.

  1. Price: Docril wins with a starting price of $19.25 per year compared to Sunbrella's starting price of $24.99 per yard. This makes Docril the king of affordable outdoor fabrics.
  2. Warranty: Again edging out Sunbrella which has a 5-year warranty. Docril offers twice the length with its warranty of 10 years.
  3. Ease of care: Docril recommends hosing off their fabric with water and using a soft bristle brush to clean stubborn spots. Sunbrella's fabrics must be cleaned with a soap and water solution then scrubbed with a brush. This adds extra time and labor to the maintenance of the fabric.
  4. Marine uses: Both Docril and Sunbrella offer marine applications. Boat covers and seat cushions can be made from the fabric. However, Sunbrella does not offer a fully waterproof fabric. This makes Docril the more versatile and affordable marine fabric.
  5. Experience: Sunbrella began in the 1960s, while the textiles' expertise of the owners of Docril dates back almost 100 years prior.
  6. Customer satisfaction: Both brands maintain excellent customer reviews as they'reconsidered the best outdoor fabric brands. Docril edges out Sunbrella in customer satisfaction with many people specifically mentioning how beautiful and sturdy the fabrics are.
  7. Production location: Sunbrella manufactures much of its fabric in South Carolina, but outsources production to other companies overseas, especially in China. Docril, on the other hand, produces its fabrics in house. They are able to maintain quality control and apply their artisanal history to every bolt that leaves their factory.

In a head to head line-up of affordable outdoor fabrics, Docril consistently beats out Sunbrella as the premium product. With Docril coming in at a better price for a fabric that runs the gamut for applications there's little room in the debate for who gets the title of the best outdoor fabric.


Docril provides a great quality outdoor and marine fabric that they are willing to back with a generously long warranty, proving their confidence in it. While you'll still get a good product using one of Sunbrella's fabrics, why pay more for a fabric that can't offer as much as you can get from Docril's line of fabrics.

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